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Legendary Pitcairn Island
Secluded from mainstream tourism the Pitcairn Islands are a must see for adventurous travellers seeking truly remote horizons. Your visit to these legendary islands will grant you experiences few others have witnessed. Untouched subtropical island environments, pristine waters, endemic flora, bird and marine life, an unforgettable sea voyage, incredible hospitality, lasting friendships and firsthand insight into the living history and culture of the people of Pitcairn Island - the direct descendants of Pitcairn's first European settlers, the HMAV Bounty mutineers, and their Polynesian consorts.
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Pitcairn Islands
UK overseas territory
Location: South Pacific Ocean
Google Maps: Link
Capital: Adamstown
Population: 50 (2015)
Currency: New Zealand Dollar
Language: English & Pitkern
Area: 47km2
Time Zone: UTC-08
Calling Code: +64
Internet TLDL: .pn
ISO 3166 code: PN
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Visit Pitcairn Island today on board Pitcairn's Dedicated Passenger / Supply Vessel, MV Claymore II. You can stay for 4 or 11 days on Pitcairn.
For more information on how to book your visit and to see the Shipping Schedule.
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Read up on the latest news and events in Pitcairn Island from The Pitcairn Miscellany, The Pitcairn Islands Tourism Quarterly & Dem Tull.

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If you have your own yacht, why not pay us a visit. Many yachts call in to stock up on supplies, meet the locals and to enjoy Pitcairn's warm hospitality during their long passage sailing from Easter Island to Tahiti.
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Traditional and contemporary wood carvings, hand painted leaves, models of the HMAV Bounty and the Island's Longboats, First Day Stamp Covers, hand-made soaps, traditional and contemporary woven baskets, hand-made jewelry, tapa cloth, books, Honey & Honey products and all kinds of keepsakes - there really is something for everyone including 'traveller staples' like Pitcairn Island T-Shirts and Caps. Click here for more information
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There are several different accommodation options on pitcairn, from full board home stays, semi-private studio apartments and private 2 & 3 bedroom fully furnished homes.

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Pitcairn Island has always welcomed visiting cruise ships, and numbers are growing every year.
If your Cruise Ship is sailing past Pitcairn, Find out what makes Pitcairn an exciting destination to add to your Itinerary.
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Since early 2011 the Pew Environment Group’s Global Ocean Legacy project has been working with the Pitcairn islanders on the idea of establishing a large scale marine reserve within their waters.

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In 1790 Fletcher Christian and 8 notorious Bounty Mutineers escaped British naval law by forging a 'free' new settlement on hidden, uninhabited Pitcairn Island. This tiny 2x1 mile rocky outcrop had been incorrectly charted by its European discoverer, Captain Philip Carteret, in 1767.

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Google Street View has now come to Pitcairn and Henderson Island, Go to Google Maps, or Google Earth, and search for Adamstown, Pitcairn Islands and Henderson Island, Pitcairn Islands and take a stroll around our Islands.
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Are you interested in the lifestyle on a small remote island, with a comfortable climate, and rich in natural resources including abundant marine life?

Pitcairn is a British Overseas Territory and is currently in receipt of budgetary aid. The population has been at a relatively static, but low level, of 50 locals since the mid-1980s, but it is an aging population hence the need for new immigrants.

During 2013 Pitcairn is going through infrastructural developments. This may provide employment opportunities. Pitcairn also welcomes immigrants who are self-supporting.

If you are interested in emigrating to Pitcairn, either for a short, long term or permanent stay, please send an email to immigration@pitcairn.gov.pn

We will then be happy to send further information with a view to taking your application forward.

For More Information, visit our Web Site, www.immigration.pn
Immigration Control Ordinance 2006: Fees Notice.
In effect as of November 11th, 2013

Landing Fees
  • Landing Fee (all passengers regardless of entry clearance category) $50.00
  • Passport Stamp if not going ashore $10.00
Entry Clearance Application Fees
  • Long Term Visitors $150.00
  • Business Visitor $300.00
  • Settlement $500.00
Work Permit Fees
  • Application for permission to work $50.00
Extension of Stay for Visitors
  • Extension of short-term visitors $150.00
  • Extension of long-term visitors $50.00

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who we are
In December 2010 the Government of Pitcairn Islands established its Tourism Department. Previously Pitcairn's tourism initiatives were managed by a voluntary group known as the Pitcairn Island Tourism Board. Informed by the World Tourism Organization's principles of Sustainable Island Heritage Tourism, the Tourism Board, in existence for some 5 years, laid the cornerstones for the continued growth of the industry and the new department.
contact us
If you have any enquiries about planning a trip to Pitcairn Island, Please feel free to Contact us
what we do
The principles of sustainable island heritage tourism refer to the environmental, economic and social-cultural aspects of tourism development, no matter where in the world it occurs. Establishing a balance between these 3 aspects is necessary to ensuring that Pitcairn's Tourism industry is built for long term sustainability. The Government of Pitcairn Islands is committed to making optimal use of the islands' environmental resources whilst conserving its natural heritage, unique biodiversity and the socio-cultural authenticity of the Legendary Pitcairn Island community.