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Shipping Schedule

For all bookings and inquires, please contact the Pitcairn Islands Tourism Department.

All air line bookings are to be made by the traveller or agent. Departures from Mangareva are only on Tuesday flights. If you fly on another date then accommodation in Mangareva is to be met by the Traveller.
Below is the current Shipping Schedule, updated regularly.

2018 Shipping Schedule

Voyage 39 - November / December 2018

First Rotation
  • Depart Mangareva 13th November
  • Arrive Pitcairn 15th November
  • Depart Pitcairn 18th November
  • Arrive Mangareva 20th November

Second Rotation
  • Depart Mangareva 20th November
  • Arrive Pitcairn 22nd November
  • Depart Pitcairn 25th November
  • Arrive Mangareva 27th November

Third Rotation
  • Depart Mangareva 27th November
  • Arrive Pitcairn 29th November
  • Depart Pitcairn 2nd December
  • Arrive Mangareva 4th December

2019 Shipping Schedule

JULY 2018 - Negotiations are currently underway on a new Shipping Contract, to be announced in AUGUST 2018. Once a shipping Schedule is available, it will be published here.


MV Claymore II Travel Terms & Conditions can be viewed here

At time of publication these schedules are correct however they are subject to change so please Contact Us prior to making your bookings.