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Pitcairn Islands Revise Shipping Service for 2021

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December 15th, 2020

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to surge around the globe, the Government of the remote Pitcairn Islands has maintained a judicious and cautious approach to its border control in order to protect its approximately 50 inhabitants. Moving forward, the Pitcairn government is intent on keeping the island healthy, safe, and one of the few COVID-free territories in the world.
Since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, keeping Pitcairn’s remote population safe has been the top priority. The Government of Pitcairn Islands quickly established its COVID-19 Management Protocols and continues to strictly control its borders.

“Whilst we are looking forward to the prospect of a vaccine in the near future, our small community and our government leaders recognize the need for us to exercise utmost caution and care for one another during these challenging times”, said Mayor Charlene Warren “Therefore, It is essential that we continue to maintain a secure border”.

Effective immediately, Pitcairn’s shipping service will operate on a reduced schedule throughout 2021 and into early 2022.

Pitcairn’s supply ship, MV Silver Supporter, will now operate on a quarterly basis between New Zealand and Pitcairn until March 31st 2022. In addition to carrying essential supplies to and from Pitcairn, the service will be reserved exclusively for Pitcairn Islanders and Government contracted workers, with strict quarantine and other COVID-safe protocols in place.

All cruise ships, tour vessels and yachts will be unable to land passengers at Pitcairn Island and the exchange of provisions (unless urgently required) is not permitted. This restriction will also now remain in place until March 31st 2022.

Regular review of the service will take place through 2021 and any changes regarding Pitcairn’s border controls will be advised as and when required.

The Government of the Pitcairn Islands thanks all stakeholders for their understanding. We look forward to once again sharing our warm hospitality, our unique culture, and our pristine land and sea environments with those lucky few who visit us every year!

To stay up to date on Pitcairn’s COVID-19 measures and travel restrictions, please visit our tourism website

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