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Booking a Berth

All you need to know about Booking a Berth on the MV Bravo Supporter
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About the MV Bravo Supporter

Read about the history of the MV Bravo Supporter, and the ships specifications.
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Bravo Supporter Shipping Schedule

View the Current Shipping Schedule. Now with 21 voyages to choose from.
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Sail to Pitcairn

If you have your own yacht, why not pay us a visit. Many yachts call in to stock up on supplies, meet the locals and to enjoy Pitcairn's warm hospitality during their long passage sailing from Easter Island to Tahiti.
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Accommodation Options on Pitcairn

There are several different accommodation options provided on Pitcairn, from full board home stays, semi-private studio apartments and private 2 & 3 bedroom fully furnished homes.
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What to See and Do

Pitcairn is a laid back travel destination with a variety of activities available.
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Visa & Legal Information

Do I need a Visa to Travel to Pitcairn? You will find all Visa Requirements and Terms and Conditions of Travel here.
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Where to buy Food, Stamps, Postcards, Wood Carvings etc
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Last Updated: October 2018